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Celebrate Love at The Walper Hotel's Special Vow Renewal Event During the #Walper130 Celebration 

Did you tie the knot at The Walper Hotel? Your love story continues! We invite you to join us for a pop-up vow renewal event in celebration of The Walper Hotel’s milestone 130th birthday. Officiated by Maeck Weddings with music by Eric Bolton. 

Date: Sunday, October 15, 2023
Time: If selected, we will contact you with a time between 1pm and 5pm. 
Location: Crystal Ballroom, The Walper Hotel
Cost: This is a free vow renewal as part of our Open House celebration. 

Important Note: This is a public vow renewal event, so members of the community may also be in attendance to celebrate love in all its forms.

Celebrate your love


Spaces are limited. To apply for this exclusive pop-up vow renewal experience, submit your details below, including your wedding date at The Walper Hotel, by filling out the form by September 27, 2023. 

This is your chance to relive the magic, create new memories, and honor your enduring love story. Join us as we celebrate love, past and present!

Apply to renew your vows

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