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Our Giving

The Walper Education Project

Together we are building a brighter future for Africa.

Thank you for taking an interest in The Walper Education Project, which is an express of my desire to operate a socially responsible business. In order for that to be meaningful, we needed a primary focus for our efforts. Believing that where you are born is infinitely less important than having access to education—to the world of facts and ideas—I believe that educational development is the area upon which The Walper Hotel can make the most impact.

Living in one of the most fortunate countries of the world, but working in a global industry, we looked for an opportunity to be useful in the world at large. A friend drew my attention to the Nile Valley in Uganda where Food and Water (the most basic needs of children) are being met, but where there is a scarcity of resources for the provision of education. And so we took the first step: we made the decision to build a primary school for the five hundred children of Nawantumbe, Uganda. In order to accomplish that, we committed to donating $1.00 for each overnight guest, each day-guest attending a meeting or corporate event, and for each meal served at a wedding or social function.

It would be nice to pretend that you can see everything in advance, but it’s just not that way. On a recent trip to Uganda with Give International, our partner in the project, I realized that while the first step was sound, the idea itself demanded something more. So, we are now committed to the effort of raising further funds to create a scholarship program, so that the brightest children in the program can continue their educations development through to secondary school and eventually on to university—offering real hope for an otherwise forgotten community.

But hope needs a goal, and in order to reach it I need your help. With a donation of any size you can become a partner of The Walper Education Project and help provide hope to 500 students every year. Our goal is to fund the top seven elementary graduates through four additional years of secondary schooling, which costs approximately $750 per student—admitted, not much in Canadian terms; but it gives all 500 students something to which they can aspire. Moreover, the scholarship program would then award the five most accomplished of those students with a $3,000 grant toward university expenses, so that, once again, there is reason to strive for success in the classroom. A lofty goal, to be sure.

With your donation, you helping us release the potential of bright young children, who, with your generosity will have the capacity to make a real, sustainable difference in the future of their community. We can’t do it without your help! Please visit the website of Canada Helps to donate to this worthy cause.

Michael von Teichman, Owner & General Manager

Uganda Project Photo Uganda Project Photo Uganda Project Photo Uganda Project Photo Uganda Project Photo